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PhD References

I use an online citation tool called citeulike for referencing, hence all my references for my thesis are available online.These can be explored for each chapter by using the tag based view of my references, just choose one of the numbers as they correspond to each chapter.

PhD Poster

In the best traditions of sharing research I have produced a poster which sumarises my PhD in one image. It is an A0 size image, so not easy to print, but it's here to download if you wnat to get an overview of how the PhD fitted together.

Rich Osborne's PhD poster (pdf, 356kb)

My PhD

The Unversity of Exeter hosts a copy of my PhD, An Ecological Approach to Educational Technology: Affordance as a Design Tool for Aligning Pedagogy and Technology, so please access it from there.

The thesis links together my expertise in psychology, technology and education, and tackles the complex problem of how to use digital technologies effectively to support teaching & learning.

The key contributions of the thesis to knowledge are: